Lifestyle Newborn Photographer In Peachtree City – Welcome Dorothy!

We’re kicking off a new year. Filled with new possibilities. New hopes. New dreams. New love.

It seems fitting to start the year with a lifestyle newborn session. A new life just begun. She’s surrounded by love and hopes and dreams from her parents and extended family. Even two four legged guardians who stick close. Although one is on The List for being naughty and peeing on Dorothy’s belongings.

It will be decades before Dorothy realizes how loved she was, even before her birth. Or understand the excitement level of her parents. It will be years before she grasps the extent of their patience in the coming phases of infancy with sleepless nights, toddler-hood, independent single digits when she’s devoid of fear or caution, or the bold confidence and obstinance of her tween and teen years. Or even the worries of parenthood that are difficult to understand until you’re in the thick of it and saying to yourself, “I never imagined I’d be doing this *insert-a-scenario-crazier-than-you-ever-deemed-possible.”

Dorothy arrived at the beginning of December and I had the pleasure of meeting her on her tenth day in this world. Although I met her parents in the summer of 2016 when I made their engagement photographs. Even then, before they were married, they knew they wanted her. They talked about their plans for becoming parents.

Just in the span of two weeks, Dorothy has noticeably changed and grown. She’s filling out and losing a bit of the newborn tiny-ness. Her hair is becoming blond. There is strength forming in her movements. And still, there is hope surrounding her. Hope and wonder for what she will become. Love that is growing with every new moment spent together. That fills your heart in ways that can’t make you imagine life without her. Ever again.

As parents, we have conflicting agendas for our babies. And by babies, I also mean our teenagers as I’m in the first half of that phase with my own children now. We want to protect them and keep them safe from the world while simultaneously raising them with a kindness and fierceness that’s capable of changing the world. Of making a difference. Of building a legacy that will be talked about and remembered for generations to come.

Dorothy is off to a good start. She is surrounded by love, hopes, and dreams. Of well wishes and even the experienced hands of a great grandma who easily held this sweet baby while laughing and not taking her family too seriously. Great grandparents are a rarity that many of us don’t have the good fortune of remembering. I hope Dorothy will remember her Nanny and the comfort these weathered hands intrinsically bring. I know she has many moons of wonderful memories yet to make with her parents, grandparents, and aunts. And in another four decades, she’ll have these photographs to show her own children and ask them, “Can you believe I was ever this small? Can you believe how young your grandparents were when I was born? Can you feel how much love and hope filled these moments together?”

Joshelin + Sean. You two are wonderful parents. Already, I know you are. Thank you for asking me to document your love for this new miracle who has clearly stolen your hearts and will fill your souls with pride for years to come. Who may try your patience and make you question your sanity. Who will make your heart ache as hopes and dreams are realized in ways better than ever anticipated. Who will surprise you and make you better humans in your own right as you stretch and grow together as a family.

My wish for 2018 is not so different for your adventure as parents. Be present. Enjoy all the moments, as the ones ahead will be here before you know it. You’re already seeing these kids grow too fast and without our consent. May your adventures be challenging, so the hard won victories are that much sweeter. May they be filled with joy and laughter, curiosity and amusement. And of course, with love. Always with love.

Mom breastfeeding her newborn daughter
Overhead view of Mom breastfeeding newborn daughter on couch with family dog nearby
Dog on couch with mom feeding baby in background
Happy dad holding his newborn daughter
Weathered hands of great-grandma holding newborn great-grand daughter
Overhead view of great grandma holding newborn baby girl
Three generations watching over the newest fourth generation
Newborn baby feet on her dad's lap.
Crying newborn in hand crocheted hat
Newborn baby girl being held in her dad's arms
Miniature doberman pincher looking at camera with his humans and newborn in background
Looking up at parents holding and loving their newborn baby girl
Newborn with scrunched face while being kissed on both cheeks by her parents
Parents kissing in silhouette over newborn baby girl
Dad watching over Mom changing clothes on their newborn baby
Newborn baby's head being held up while getting dressed
Precious Moments Wizard of Oz characters and ruby red slippers with newborn in background