Atlanta GA Lifestyle Newborn Photographer – Miss Jocelyn Arrived!

Welcome to the world, baby girl! Jocelyn arrived on Halloween and has had her parents wrapped around her tiny fingers ever since.

You may remember Justine + Michael from this post when I first met them. Since then, they got married and Michael was deployed over seas.

I’m so glad he could come home for Jocelyn’s birth!

Jocelyn was six days new when I met this sweet girl.

She smelled like heaven. I think that’s where newborns originate.

It was evident that these two are absolutely, 100% in love with this child. How they both had to be touching her and caring for her.

And how happy her presence makes them.

This child will be growing up in a home knowing how much she is loved and adored.

See? Jocelyn has them wrapped around her pinky finger.

Little toes!

I love them so.

I think they love her little toes, too.

Do you know how it’s a reflex when something starts to fall, you inherently start saying, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!” where the words just run together?

That’s what Michael does when Jocelyn starts to cry.

It is the most adorable and simultaneously hysterical thing I’ve ever seen.

Justine had the typical, “Shhh, shhh, shhh, shhh.” down like what you’re more familiar with when babies fuss.

I love that my people constantly surprise me. They make me laugh and amp me up with an unparalleled satisfaction and joy in doing what I do.

I heard that Michael amazed the nurses in the hospital with his baby burrito making skills.

All of his training in the Navy with properly folding things probably helped make him a natural with this.

Tip to newborn parents. Rub their little heads.

The newbies love it.

I had already cranked up the heat in our room so it would be toasty warm by the time Justine + Michael rocked their little one to sleep so we could make the obligatory naked baby photographs.

Once she was out, she didn’t stir and we were able to nudge her around on her special blanket.

Look how peacefully she is sleeping!

I love when they’re so new and they draw up tight. Like they haven’t quite figured out they can stretch out beyond the womb.

Look at these perfect little fingers! I wonder how many lives she will touch with them in her lifetime. How her hands will help others and spread joy.

So content!

And then naptime was over and we started wrapping up.

It was time to put her in more cute clothes.

And turn down the thermostat so the rest of us could stop sweating.

I really adore these people. I’m looking forward to watching Jocelyn grow up. I just know she’s going to be as amazing as her parents.