LOVE What Matters – I Don’t Care How Much Money You Make

19th Aug, 2016LOVE What Matters

Is it overly bold of me to tell you that I don’t care how much money you make?

Because I don’t.

I want to know if you’re kind.

I’m finding that the farther into this life I run, the less tolerance I have for nonsense or the value of a human tied to money.

I want to know if you’re kind.

Kindness matters.

Love matters.

It is kindness and love that restores my faith in humanity.

It is why I’m in this business of documenting the good that connects us.

Call me a Pollyanna junkie, but there’s a whole lotta bad being broadcast every day in the news.

I need the good.

The kind.

And I’m finding my people, the ones who step in front of my camera, remind me of the good and kind.
Every time.

Come back next Friday for the next in my LOVE what matters series.
And tell me. What matters most to you.