Woodstock GA Lifestyle Family Photography Session – Hitchcock Family

When we kicked off this family session in downtown Woodstock, my car thermometer said it was 91 degrees outside. Everyone was in jeans and what I found throughout the evening was everyone had brought their best attitudes.

And willingness to have fun.

We walked around town, searching out different spots.

Striking poses.

Creating spaces and dilineations.

And goofing off.

 I did say goofing off, didn’t I?

We left Main Street and headed back into the arts district to find more trees and colorful backgrounds.

We had some climbers in the group, but I’m going to hold off on sharing that for now.

They picked each other up and spun around.

The oldest + youngest.

And the two middlest. They picked each other up, too.

So. All the kids made it a point to be at the ordering appointment. They all wanted to see the photographs. And each time there was an image of the parents, the youngest would squeal and insist that image be starred and included for later. You know the parents are doing something right in a family when the kids go crazy over images of their parents being sweet.

Striking more poses.

I loved the light streaming into this old porch.

I made a few more shots downtown with their high school senior and then we loaded up into our cars and headed off to Rope Mill Park for more family and kid photographs.

When you have a family filled with taekwondo black belts (one with a Master level title) and a bunch of dare devils, you can get them to all walk a skinny stone wall out over water for family portraits.

We also took time to make photographs of each kid with Mom. Because moms are so rarely in photographs with their kiddos. They tend to be the ones holding the camera. It was obvious how much each one of her children adores her as we moved from one to the next.

I got close-ups of these three while the fourth was changing clothes for photographs out in the water.

Because everyone was getting along so well and having a great time and I knew we had a little bit of extra time before the sun would set, I offered to stay at Rope Mill to set up a special family shot. Or to drive across town and catch the sunset on top of a hill with mountains off in the distance. They chose the sunset across town, so we loaded up into our cars once again and drove off to catch a sunset.

We used lights. And I also made silhouettes.

This was the last photograph we made in their family session. The sun had already set. And they were still all in fabulous moods.

I love seeing families who genuinely enjoy being together. These guys were fantastic. All around.