Roswell Lifestyle Family Photography – Rand Family!

I think by now, you may remember this lovely family. We did a bit of a family/maternity photography session in Piedmont Park at the end of August. And then their lifestyle newborn photography session when Caroline was five days new.

 Now Miss Caroline is just over a month. Evan just turned five and Wyatt was celebrating birthday number 2 last night with family and friends when I delivered their big family print of that photograph above. Fourth quarter is a big deal for this family. So much to celebrate in the last two months of the year!

 They make pretty adorable children, don’t they? I always want to hug them and eat their cheeks. And kiss their necks. For as much as I have photographed these guys over the last three years, I feel like they’re family.

   I love this photograph of Meredith and Evan. It makes me kick myself for not making a point of having family photographs done every year (every other. or really, more than once every five years) for the first ten years of parenthood. I love that these children will have photographs of themselves with their parents when they’re grown.

 And that it won’t be until they are parents that they look back and realize how truly breathtakingly gorgeous their mom was just a month after having their little sister.

 Hello, my people. I so enjoy spending time with your family. Finding new spots for photographs (next time, we should probably drive to Chattanooga? or Savannah might by nice?). Hugging your boys and snuggling your daughter. I enjoy meeting your folks and friends when I stop in to put photographs in your hands. I’m looking forward to good times with you in 2015.

 And if it’s been too long since you had family photographs made that show your connection with your children, you should probably do something to change that. Some changes are easy to make. Click here to reach out to me. I’ll help make it even easier for you.