Roswell GA Family Photographer – Ella Turned Two

Zomigosh. I just wanted to eat her cheeks. Can you blame me? This sweet two year old is such a cutie patootie. And she’s sweet. Did I tell you she’s sweet? She is. I even got hugs at the end before we said goodbye.

Her Minnie Mouse was in her hands the whole time. 

Until Minnie got dropped in a puddle and then tucked away for a thorough washing once home.

Ella was most cooperative and played along with all my games. She was also so curious and ready to explore. Everything. This child was almost constantly on the go, which was fun. When she wasn’t holding my hand, she was leading the way. I loved the hands out to her sides. And her little curls.

Hi Ella. Two looks good on you, sweetpea.

Will you be celebrating a birthday for one of your little ones in the coming month? Do you want photographs of her to remember the special twinkle in her eye and sly smile when you ask how many fingers old she is? They don’t stay little for long. In fact, I think they grow up too fast (my oldest turned twelve last week. how did that happen already?). 
You should click over to schedule your session. You may end up in the same boat as Ella’s parents and want to have prints of every single photograph. And really, why wouldn’t you when you have such a cutie pie?