Lake Allatoona Family Portrait Session In Bridgemill – Loan Family!

We scheduled this session in the middle of what was supposed to be prime leaf-turning-radiant-colors-before-they-all-fall-off time.

Our autumns can be fickle. The temperatures can drop to the 40s and then come back to the 80s.

So much of our forests are evergreens, which makes looking for fall colors a bit of a hunt.

And we need to be fast, because the colors can be up and vibrant for a day. And the next, the leaves are all off the branches and on the ground.

We made good use of neighborhood hiking trails out to Lake Allatoona. Which gave us rocky cliffs and steep slopes to navigate.

See? Leaves on the ground. Already.

But so perfect for surrounding this beautiful middle schooler in their family!

I love that there can be quiet moments in the middle of a portrait session.

There always needs to be photographs with Mom and her favorite. Because Mom is normally the one taking pictures on a daily basis.

And we need photographs of the favorite with Dad, because she can be tall on her tip toes.

So much of this session, I was walking with Brittany while her husband and daughter walked ahead of us. It was neat to see their close bond when the sterotypical teenager wants nothing to do with his/her parents. This teen is not stereotypical at all. She’s fabulously kind, outgoing, and caring!

I think it’s safe to say that’s a direct reflection on her parents. They’re pretty fabulous, too.

I love working with easy going people.

I love working with families who so obviously care about and enjoy each other.

Doesn’t this just make you tilt your head and sigh?

Brittany is also a stellar Keller Williams Realtor. With her years of experience, she makes the process super easy for first time home buyers and seasoned movers/buyers/sellers. If know you will be selling your home soon or you are in the market for a home in the Cobb or Cherokee County area, please give her a call and start a conversation. I promise she’s down-to-earth and easy to talk to while being honest about what you can expect. Just the traits you want in a real estate agent, right?

Thank you Brittany and Mike, for asking me to make your fall family portraits this year. I enjoyed our time together immensely!