Ella Turned ONE – Fabulous Alice In Wonderland Themed Birthday Party In Smyrna, GA

The sleep deprivation and shock of being new parents has worn off over the past year. Meghan and Jason are rocking this gig of being parents. They went all out for an Alice In Wonderland themed party to celebrate their sweet Ella turning one year old at their home in Smyrna.

Grandparents wore special hats and tiaras. Her mom Meghan was the Queen of Hearts and her dad Jason was the Mad Hatter.

Tea cups and decks of cards were found throughout their backyard.

Talk about deliciousness with their food! Love the little hearts!

Everyone got special Alice in Wonderland name tags.

And everyone came dressed for the birthday party theme in mind.

Love this photograph of Meghan and Jason. They are such cool parents.

Ella had her dress removed for her first birthday cake. Check out her smile!

First taste of birthday cake!

Can you tell how much this little girl is loved by her grandmas and aunt?

This boy makes me want to jump back into childhood. You know, when I could fit into a metal wagon. And it wasn’t uncomfortable.

I hope this next year brings many wonderful events for your family, Meghan and Jason! I can’t wait to see how much Ella changes again before she turns two!

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