Downtown Atlanta Family Photography Session – Rand Family

I love little kids. Some never need any prompting to show me their belly buttons. Like this one up above.

I’ve known Wyatt since before he was born.

These boys. They’re just delicious. I want to hug em and squeeze em and calle them Evan and Wyatt.

I love how sweet they can be in showing off how much they love each other.

These structures outside of the High Museum of Art were the coolest! They spun around.

I might have gotten woozy here as I sat inside the spinning art structure and Dad spun us around and around and around.

Before any of us got sick or had a meltdown (me included), we wandered along.

We made photographs with and without this bear.

Sometimes kids latch onto toys. And parents don’t want them included, which is fine. So I bargain with the kids to make photographs with and without. Everyone is happy and we avoid the tears from taking it away. Score!

I adore this family. They seem to think they’re all kinds of crazy and I hear apologies for it. But they’re not crazy. They’re fun.

I’ve known Caroline since before she was born. And now’s she’s one year old. It was all I could do to not be grabbing her cute feet throughout our time together! They were bare pigs, people! No socks or shoes. I love baby feet!

They have photographs of the first two kiddos with sweet cheeks being smushed in kisses. We had to do it for Caroline!

FYI – tossing babies up in the air with a solid catcher is excellent for eliciting sweet baby laughs!

We ended the session where we started. With more spinning and happy faces. The wonder of fun and childhood was all over Evan’s face as we spun around and it made me wish, for a moment, that I was in the single digits again.