Atlanta Family Photography – Piedmont Park

Wednesday night was our ordering appointment. I brought cookie dough I had made an hour before. Since my kids were gone for the evening and no one was home to raise an eyebrow, I thought it was the right thing to do. Because what pregnant woman won’t appreciate cookie dough? That’s the excuse I’ll use for making it. And eating too much.

Meredith is due any day now. On Monday, she texted me that they might not make it to Wednesday night when I was scheduled to come over and share their photographs from this lovely morning in Piedmont Park a couple of weeks ago.

They have a similar photograph I made of this boy kissing her big belly right before his little brother was born.

 Zomigosh. I love pregnant women. It’s all I can do to not run up and put my hands on their bellies and then put my ear to it and listen. I miss the days when I was pregnant. I would stare in wonder at my belly. There is a life in there. Growing. 
I gather I’m in the minority with this fascination, but perhaps I’ve conveniently forgotten how uncomfortable I was at the end of my pregnancies and ready to just. get. that. child. out. Either way, I thought Meredith looked absolutely beautiful.

Just a few hours before heading over to their home, I texted Michael that I thought his wife was pretty fabulous. Just in case he needed the reminder. Do you know how he answered? He responded, “I know. But it’s nice to hear :)” I love this couple. They are fantastic parents. And while they give each other grief, the love they feel for the other is so evident.

I can’t wait to meet their baby girl and photograph her. Soon. Very soon.