Atlanta Family Photography – Martin And The Boy

These two. They get lost in each other. They have conversations about everything. And nothing. They enjoy each other with a fascination and amusement that I rarely see in others.

Prior to photography sessions, I talk with my clients about what to wear. Most of my people appreciate a little guidance and it is included in the experience. Sometimes, it is just a discussion over the phone. Occasionally a Skype or in-home visit to go through closets and pull out the best combinations. I’m happy to do it because there isn’t any going back afterwards and changing outfits in Photoshop. It’s something that a little bit of planning up front can go a long way ensuring you will love your photographs for years. On a daily basis.

I think we’ve passed the trend of the 1990s and Y2K for wearing the same clothes just for photographs. Because when do we ever dress up in real life to match each other? Weddings? Does anyone besides me think that’s a little bizarre? Ok, I’m hearing crickets. Moving right along to my point. (I do have one, even though I’m rambling a bit. Stick with me, please.)

Typically, we don’t dress alike in our daily lives. So when good folks schedule a photography session with me, I tell them to not dress alike. To not all wear blue jeans and white shirts. Or everyone in black. I promise, the session is not going to feel like you’re at a funeral….so you don’t need to dress like it.

I want people to be themselves. Wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in….because they’re you. A part of who you are and your uniqueness.

But with these two? They do dress alike. Pretty much whenever they go out in public together. It’s their thing.

And I love that about them.

They even brought along multiple outfits for our hour together. So they would have more variety. More memories. Of what they love to do together. And who they are…right now.

If you would like photographs celebrating who you are with the people you love most in this world, you should reach out and schedule a session. With matching outfits or not. You will have photographs you can hold and love. 
And also an image for your 2014 holiday card. You know Christmas is only 80 days away, right? Which means Hanukkah is just 71 days out. Need to get on that while there’s still time to enjoy warmer weather and not rush come December to address those envelopes.
You won’t be sorry. Plus, if you get in this month….you’ll be entered to win a fabulous canvas. Who wants a fabulous canvas gallery wrap?