What If?

What if these presents weren’t the fifty dollar Kindles nabbed on an Amazon one day sale or the Settlers of Catan board game?  What if they weren’t books and clothes?  Rainbow loom bands or gift cards.  Photographic prints or fun kitchen tool splurges.  

What if we could wrap ideas and gift them to the ones we love? That white one with the polar bear and polka dots one would be freedom.  To pursue what brings you joy.  That fills your soul with a contentment in a way that it’s impossible to not go to sleep with a smile on your face.

The blue one with a snowflake and snowman would be peace.  To wipe your slate clean of past cutting words that never quite disappeared after the apologies and hugs.  To trust that your future holds wonderful moments you won’t want to miss.  And that they will far outweigh the rough patches that are also sure to come. The white and gold stripes would be health.  A life with no physical ailments and a body that does what you want.  That’s not ten or forty or ninety pounds too heavy and makes you breathe hard when you take the stairs.  To be able to run with the wind flowing around you and wonder how you can move so fast and feel no pain.  Or to have the energy to do more than be horizontal 80% of your days. And love.  All of them filled with love.  So you will be wrapped in warmth and knowing.  That you are loved.  So very loved. That would be how I would fill these packages.  And wrap bows around before putting your name on a tag written with special ink and not a black sharpie that was so quickly grabbed up in the excitement of little hands to wrap gifts.  The tags would be hand cut and tied around with curly ribbons.  So you know how special and deserving you are of these ideas that can change paths. Merry Christmas, my friends. 

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