My Wedding At The Old Mill In Fayetteville, GA

Twelve years and a couple of hours ago, I exchanged vows with my sweetheart on the dock of an Old Mill in Fayette County.  We promised to love and support each other, no matter what and that nothing but death would separate us.  This evening came exactly two years after our first date.  And our first date came about only after Todd realized I might be a bit of a trouble maker.

 We first met in early March 1998 when we were swapping training classrooms shortly after starting our careers in telecom at Sprint.  I thought he was quite attractive and recall stumbling over my words in a simple greeting.  As weeks passed, I decided that dating was out of the question.  He dressed nice.  Too nice.  Like he was married, gay or still lived at home and his momma dressed him kinda nice.  Any of those were deal breakers.  Six months passed with us working in different departments and opposite sides of the sixth floor. Until.  I walked out of my side of the building and through the elevator lobby to go to his side of the building.  And in the elevator lobby, I saw Todd with his face pressed up against the crack of the doors for one elevator.  I noticed that neither of the up or down buttons was lit and without thinking, spouted off, “You know the elevator doesn’t know to stop if you don’t press the button.”  Mortified, I kept walking wondering how on earth I could be so rude to someone I didn’t know and hadn’t exchanged more than a handful of words. Little did I know, he liked troublemakers and smart mouths.  Lucky for me.  Shortly after I ran my mouth, I received an email from him asking me out to lunch.  He signed it, Mr. Elevator Man.  Within a week, we went out for lunch.  Two years and a couple of shared apartments later, we stood side by side, holding hands and trying not to cry as we promised each other our hearts and souls. Twelve years later, I love this man even more than I ever dreamed would be possible.  He is my best friend.  My biggest supporter.  My rock.  He keeps me grounded, yet has taken incredible risks to help me reach my dreams.  All while holding my hand as we walk through parking lots and our life together.  He keeps me sane and makes me proud.  I don’t think I’m deserving of him, but I’m thankful every day that over a decade ago I had enough sense to not let him go. Todd Wenzel, you are my love.  Thank you.  For being you.

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