Minnesota Randomness

The lowest temp while I’ve been in Minnesota was -27 Fahrenheit.  This is the coldest winter week in Minnesota history in over twenty years.  This is the week that the girl who freezes in temps under 75 visits.  My mom thought I would reschedule this trip.  So did my mom-in-law.  And her mom.  Fortunately, my will to maintain professionalism (and not be told I can’t do something by proving folks wrong of what I am capable) won out and I came, had a fabulous family shoot shortly afterwards and have been impervious to these temps.  It helps to keep excellent company.

I received around a dozen screenshots of Minnesota temps and wind chills (only negative forties and negative fifties) prior to my visit.  Once in Minnesota, I began receiving screenshots from friends in warmer climates and temps in the 70s and 80s.  My friends are punks.  But then, I have done the same when in their shoes.  I may be a little wicked myself.  Sometimes.

My father-in-law started my car each morning for me when I was in Rochester.  And let it run.  He’s so good to me.  Saved me from going outside in sub-zero temps when I was still in my pajamas.  Living in the South, I did not know that when it’s so cold it is a good idea to start your car.  Throughout the day.
I’m glad I flew in a day early.  On Monday (when I was supposed to fly up), the trams at the Minneapolis airport stopped working due to the cold.  And jetways wouldn’t budge, stranding people on airplanes for hours, which delayed deplaning and subsequent departures.  Even the liquid used for de-icing the planes was freezing.  I’ve joked with family about them living in the tundra, but this was no joke.

Each evening I have gotten out of the house and walked along next to little dogs.  Icicles formed on my eyelashes.  Severe weather alerts warned of bare skin getting frostbitten in as little as ten to fifteen minutes.  Thankful I had so many layers and heat packs that little more than my eyes were exposed to the winter cold.
Tuesday night, I went for a walk/jog.  For an hour.  It was around -8 degrees Fahrenheit.  I covered over two and a half miles and surprised myself.  Apparently running in snow is perfect for Frye boots.  They worked better than expected.

Next week, I have two fun family sessions hitting the blog.  One from Atlanta when it was freezing in the 30s and one from Lakeville, Minnesota when it was freezing in the negative double digits.  Both are pretty awesome families and I can’t wait to show you!

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