Just A Little Trip To Austin Texas

Last Friday, I left home during the witching hour to catch a flight to Minneapolis.  It’s the first trip up there in months that I:  1.) wasn’t working 2.) didn’t wear my red work boots because I wasn’t shooting anyone3.) didn’t pack gloves4.) or heat packs5.) or my Under Armour under layers6.) or my winter coat7.) the temps didn’t go below freezing8.) I went solely to see friends and family9.) and yarn shops (oh my! the yarn shops!) My honeys told me the day before I left that I should take an extra two days before coming home.  My bestest friends are pretty much all outside the state of Georgia.  Scattered from coast to coast and from the edges of our most Northern to Southern borders.  I didn’t question this act of insanitysweetness, but jumped at the chance for a couple more days with friends.  

Lone Stars were everywhere I looked!

 For an extra forty bucks, I changed my flight home from Sunday to Tuesday, with a reroute through Austin, Texas.  In a matter of hours, I went from a city that still had several feet of snow piled in parking lots and curbs to getting weird looks for wearing a scarf and leather coat.  In the 80s.  Oh my, was Austin ever gorgeous with blue skies and temps that had me outside in bare feet!

So were jackelopes.  Or cowboys on bunnies.

 I had THE most awesome tour guide of the city.  She double parked, hopped curbs and did multiple U-ies in the middle of streets (not even intersections), so I could either hang out the window or jump out and run up to a landmark to make an image before running back to the car. 

We had to wait awhile for fellow admirers to move out of the frame for me to photograph this wall.

 We went out for a delicious lunch and walked through fun stores.  When I was initially packing to go to Minnesota, I almost didn’t pack my camera.  When I was leaving Minnesota, one of my friends said he was looking forward to seeing my photographs from Texas.  I’m sure I gave him a weird look, because I had no intention of taking out my camera.  And I don’t necessarily consider my Instagram feed to be photographs I make, so much as just personal memories of moments I don’t want to forget.

I loved her ‘CREPES’ sign! And the fact that she also makes/sells Thai food.  Inside was a Hindu shrine.

 But I’m so glad that I DID pack my camera.  And that I brought it along for my tour of downtown Austin.  I’m looking forward to going back.  Soon.  I hope.

That’s right, Texas.  Love People.  And cook them tasty food.

 I had such tasty food over the course of my entire trip.  Home cooked breakfasts and dinners.  I was spoiled.  Most enjoyable and delicious lunches and dinners out.  And coffee.  Lots of coffee, to make up for four hours of sleep and no coffee on Friday.  And then lots of early bedtimes.  I couldn’t hang.  Sometimes, I’m really lame.

I loved the undersides of these massive umbrellas offering shade as a city bus stop.

  Time with all of my friends went too fast.  There were more conversations to be had, although I suppose they will keep just fine until next time.  For the most part, it seems like the passing of time doesn’t affect being able to talk and talk and talk.  And then talk some more.  I came home with my head spinning with ideas, inspiration and motivation to move forward on different paths. And ready to hug the necks of my little people and my honeys.  Tight.

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