I Need Coffee

We drove until almost midnight last night to get to my husband’s folks’ place on the lake in Northern Minnesota.  The farther north we drove, the lighter the sky got until 10:30ish when we were left in darkness.  We normally switch up every two hours, so I got the last two on small state highways.  The kids slept through my brake slamming the few times we came upon deer or other creatures on the roads, which was good for them, and I suppose for me.  The adrenaline rush combined with the large coffee I picked up last night helped wake me up.

It’s the end of the month, which is the busiest stretch for my honeys.  So our first day of vacation and no driving is being spent a coupla towns over in a corner booth with wifi.  And coffee.  
I feel like this sheep on just a handful of hours of sleep and can’t see straight.  Yet.  Once the coffee kicks in, I will be an editing machine playing catch up.

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