Fundraiser Weekend

On Saturday afternoon, the Elite ATA Martial Arts in Canton, Georgia held a board break-a-thon to raise money for St. Jude’s Foundation to kick cancer in the you-know-what. I believe they had over four thousand wooden boards for the kids to break with hammer fists, punches, kicks, and knee lifts. I even saw some of the dads breaking boards with their foreheads. Crazy guys. Even the parents were pulled out on the mats to break boards a few rounds. My youngling has mucho bruises on the tops of her thighs from the leg/knee board breaks. 

It’s not often that my people are along when I’m working, but you better believe I made them step in front of my camera and lights for a quick portrait so I can remember who they are now. A husband who works a ton, gets on the tennis courts as much as he can while his body still lets him, adores his children, and supports me to the moon and back. My boy child is now twelve and tells me he’s a tween. He knows football stats like nobody’s business and seems to be following in his Dad’s footsteps for tennis abilities. And that girl child of mine is now ten years old; she lives and breaths karate and drama. She carries around babies and wants to do arts and crafts. All. The. Time.
They are my people, whom I adore.

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