Woodstock High School Senior And 2016 Graduate – Brandon!

When Brandon and I were talking about photographs he wanted to make and things he wanted to do before the session even kicked off, he said, “Don’t put me in a box. I like to think outside the box.”

We got the obligatory downtown Woodstock caboose shot and then he was climbing and on top of the caboose in the blink of an eye.

*note: the tracks end under the wheels and do not continue. this is NOT an active railroad or caboose.

Brandon was constantly climbing to great heights and I found myself looking up with my camera to get him.

Hello up there!

Brandon is an athlete. He’s on the varsity football team and already putting in the hours each week to rise with the sun and practice with his team.

He’s a martial arts student and currently pursuing his Third Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo at the Elite ATA in Canton.

And he’s a thinker. While he told me he’s looking forward to his senior year being an easy load, that made my eyebrows raise as he listed AP class after AP class for his final year of high school.

This may look like a box.

But I’d like to think of it more as seeing the light on the other side.

After walking around downtown Woodstock, we headed over to Rope Mill Park to walk around the trails surrounding Little River.

He walked a narrow plank out to an island and back. Don’t look down, the rushing water underneath may trip you up.

And then headed out over the shoals for a few in-water photographs. It might have been a bit cold!

I’m sorry. I can’t have a karate person in a precarious position where balancing is a bit of a challenge and not ask them to do a Karate Kid pose. #sorrynotsorry

We had the option of staying at Rope Mill or heading a little farther across town to catch the sunset. The sunset won on the lookout.

I played with silhouettes.

While we were making a few family portraits during this time, it was Brandon who was in front of the camera when the sun dipped below the mountains in the distance. It seemed fitting.

Brandon, I’m wishing you all the best in your senior year at Woodstock High School. But more so on your path into the future in pursuing healing others through physical therapy. Way to already be planning on how you will so positively impact others!