Photographing A Fire Breather (The Whole Scoop)

Took my breath away.  I have never seen someone breathe fire in person.  Just in movies or on tv. 

You may remember Sarah from this styled vintage wedding shoot I did with Katie Elle makeup artist Chris Henderson Photography at the Goat Farm a month ago.  She was a lovely soul.  I’m so glad we became facebook friends and continued chatting after that shoot.

I was so intrigued with being able to breathe fire.  And being the kind soul that she is, Sarah offered to show me how she does it.  We talked for a couple of weeks about location, possible dates and what she would wear.  At first, we thought she should dress edgy to match the danger factor of her breathing fire.  But then decided on a fancy evening gown to balance out the fire.  She made the feathery hat the day of as a last minute decision and it totally worked!

I had fun shooting with Chris again.  We took turns photographing Sarah with and without lights.  In different locations and setting up our own shots.  Sarah was a dream to work with and was incredibly accommodating, blowing flames past dark for us.

She even blew flames in bursts and arcs.  Looking back over it in my photographs just continues to astound me with what Sarah can do with fire.

The heat from her flames was incredible.  I could feel it 10+ feet away from her.  And it was HOT!

We finished up the evening on this bridge.  Sarah had drawn a crowd of admirers in the dark of the forest off to the right.  She was truly an amazing sight.