Yildiz + Michael – ENGAGED! – Buckhead GA Engagement Photography Session

Yildiz and Michael are not your average couple.

Aside from the obvious, there are other qualities that make them a bit of opposites.

Yildiz is outgoing and quick to laugh.

Michael carefully chooses his words and is a quiet man.

And even though Michael was quiet, it was easy to see how much he adores Yildiz.

Yildiz has Turkish roots and wanted to include her cultural traditions in their engagement session. Which meant a very formal portion in dress and red ribbons tied to both of their engagement rings (because Michael wears one in keeping with Turkish customs).

The ribbons attached to their engagement rings are tied together. Essentially, tying the knot.

We went up to the top of this parking deck in Buckhead to get a bit of the skyline there and also include their car. This is the normal edit, but if you scroll to the top you can see the signature edit. More on that in a separate post!

After this, these two changed clothes into more casual attire and I think I might have heard Michael say, “Hallelujah!” It might have been my imagination, but it was pretty darn hot out on this evening we got together for their engagement photographs.

These two love to cook. Yildiz whips up Turkish and Greek dishes while Michael loves to make Soul Food. I’m betting their kitchen smells fabulous!

She loves to ride and work on her motorcyle. He loves to work on cars.

And while they aren’t a touchy feely couple or ones to be constantly smooching, they were laughing. A lot.

Or it may have been Yildiz laughing a lot and Michael looking mildly amused.

Either way, I immensely enjoyed my time with these two.

I won’t name names in who is a trouble maker. I’ll just say she’s my kinda girl.

As we walked around, we found breezeways and respite from the hot sun.

We may or may not know people who live in these condos.

I loved watching these two interact.

Yildiz had told me beforehand that they keep each other entertained. I do believe they have their own comedy show going on, but with jokes and comments that only they appreciate and understand.

Yildiz + Michael. You two were an absolute dream. I loved your engagement session and getting to know you both. Wishing I could be at your destination wedding in Miami because I know it’s going to be a fabulous celebration!

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