Windy + Romantic Newnan Square Engagement Photography Session – Alex + Jacob

I love hearing about how people meet. How love is found, kindled, and grown. For Alex and Jacob, they were matched in the Bumble app. And they knew right away that this was it.

Right away.

Love at first sight.

Couple in formal dress walking through Newnan Square

Sometimes, there are fairy tales in real life.

Couple almost kissing in front of Newnan Alamo Theatre

In a world where there is such divisiveness and hostility, it restores my soul to work with couples like these two. They are my people.

Couple smiling and holding each other while reflected in shop windows

Love first. Everything else is second.

Couple nuzzling close while reflected in Newnan storefront windows

Isn’t that how it should be? All things in love?

Couple smiling and holding hands while walking through Newnan Square

With love, we can find and create kindness. Compassion. Understanding. Curiosity. A burning desire to make things work.
Even in the For Worse situations that we so often include in our marriage vows.

Romantic engaged couple walking through Newnan Square

Alex found me after seeing Charlotte’s courthouse wedding on social media. They went to Life University together. Alex loved Charlotte’s wedding images. She loved the photographs we made in the Marietta Square walking around with buildings and cars in the backgrounds.

Beautiful woman holding onto her fiance's arm and looking up at him

I love these small world connections.

Romantic engaged couple holding each other in front of blossoming cherry tree

Storms were looming on this Friday afternoon as I was driving down to Newnan to meet these two. I wasn’t sure that the rain would hold off. But it did. We were fortunate.

A romantic couple embracing and almost kissing. Her engagement ring is clearly seen on her hand wrapped around his back

Instead, we were treated to blasts of wind that did lovely things with Alexandra’s hair. And dramatic skies for the end of our time together.

A man's hands wrapped around his fiance's back underneath her long, curly hair

We left the Newnan Square and drove a few blocks away to a little park that had the most beautiful cherry tree that was in blossom.

A gorgeous engaged couple sitting on a park bench almost kissing

Aren’t these two the sweetest? I adore their peaceful, yet almost fierce love for each other. It felt like there was this bubble surrounding them. Keeping them safe from the world. Protecting their relationship.

An engaged couple holding each other close

Perhaps that is the military aspect. It runs deep. Jacob comes from a line of Navy men. He’s in the Air Force. Whenever I’m with military couples, there is a different kind of quiet that surrounds them that is difficult to explain. It’s a safe zone that feels like no one else can intrude.

Engaged couple embracing under archway in Newnan park with dramatic stormy skies in background

Alexandra + Jacob. Thank you for asking me to make your engagement photographs and to stop time for you in this part of your journey together. I’m wishing you all the best in married life!

Engagements can be short or long. They can arrive swiftly and unexpectedly, or be years in the making. But they are an unparalleled time of excitement in dreaming and planning of the next phase in life as married people. If you would like to stop time and create photographs of your love together to enjoy for a lifetime and likely show off to generations to come, contact Kelley at Pear Tree Photography Atlanta to start a conversation. We can make your engagement photographs anywhere you want that’s special to you!