Poole’s Mill Engagement Photography Session – David + Amanda – ENGAGED!

These two just celebrated two years of togetherness.

They have an unparalleled love for each other, The Princess Bride, and their dog Buttercup.

David was getting ready to move into a new home and throw a housewarming party. One set of his friends had a new roommate and asked if they could bring her to the party. The new roommate had just moved to Atlanta from California and found them through a Craigslist ad. David jokingly asked, “Is she hot?”

Then the facebook stalking and messaging started.

They hit it off before even meeting in person.

And now they are planning their wedding in Asheville, North Carolina next year. Sadly, Buttercup is not invited.

These two have a quiet humor and quick wit. With a propensity for trouble making. They’re my kind of people.

We had originally talked about doing their session at Bays Bridge in Helen, but switched to the covered bridge at Poole’s Mill so it wouldn’t be such a long travel day for Buttercup.

And then this happened. Throughout their session. Nose crinkling. I loved it.

These two are fantastically fun souls. At their ordering appointment, they showed me pictures of them dressed up for Oktoberfest during a weekend getaway. Complete with lederhosen. Pure awesomeness.

Amanda has amazing voodoo powers. Other folks were hanging out in this spot and I asked if she could clear them out so we could use it. Through some sort of sorcery, they quickly left and we were able to move in. Well done, Amanda.

These two braved the cold waters in bare feet. And survived.

We are maintaining a 100% safety rating at Pear Tree Photography Atlanta with no injuries, slips, or falls, in spite of my dare devils and risk takers. I appreciate the fact that my people are professionals like this.

David + Amanda? You guys (and Buttercup) are alright with me. I think you’re pretty dang awesome.