Piedmont Park Engagement Photography Session – Vanessa + Josh – ENGAGED!

Vanessa + Josh are transplants from Philadelphia.

They are both accountants and met through work.

In an email before their engagement session, she had told me they were not your standard bean counters.

And that was the truth. These two were over the top fun combined with a dry sense of humor. My kind of people.

They met almost four years ago and moved to Jacksonville a little over a year later.

When Josh got a job offer in Atlanta this past year and they decided to move again, Vanessa teased him that her engagement ring would need to be a carot for every move she made for him.

Josh was already living in Atlanta while Vanessa was still back in Jacksonville. He flew back for Easter and one last family get together.

While his family was in on the surprise proposal, Vanessa had no idea that she would be finding an engagement ring inside one of the Easter eggs when helping Josh’s niece find eggs.

He snuck in the proposal and a ring just before she made the move to Atlanta with him.

Well done, Josh!

I loved listening to these two talk and hearing their northeast accents. There might have been a little Jersey in there.

They reminded me of how I used to love working with my corporate clients out of New York and New Jersey. The people are so direct and I appreciate that. I like knowing where I stand with people and what they’re thinking.

Shortly after we rounded the bend just past this fence, we stopped in our tracks. A couple had been walking ahead of us and then the gentleman got down on one knee while holding his sweetheart’s hand. We stood still and quietly watched from a distance, giving them space for such a privately personal moment. Once he was standing and they hugged, we walked up and congratulated the two. I got his email and later forwarded him the photographs I made while he was proposing. And then we moved onto this stellar bridge.

I can’t wait to show you the Signature Art Image of this scene above. They chose it for their piece of wall art on a canvas gallery wrap. It is GORGEOUS!

These two will be getting married next year back in their hometown of Philadelphia.

I just know it’s going to be an amazing day filled with laughter.

You two are rad and giving accountants a much improved reputation. I’m wishing you all the best as you put down roots here in Atlanta and build a life together!