Piedmont Park Engagement Photography Session – Nicole + Ross – ENGAGED!

Meet Nicole + Ross. They are Minnesota transplants who recently moved to Atlanta.

They did a fabulous job of making it through a sweltering two hours on this hot Atlanta evening. Without sweating. They weren’t even glistening.

For having dealt with sub-zero winters for their whole lives, I get the impression they are professionals at dealing with intense heat.

Meanwhile, I’ve been in the south since 1983 and my shirt was soaked by the end of their session. I need to learn their secret.

Perhaps the trick is having a puppy. With a really cute pink bow.

I normally don’t have folks stand in direct sunlight. I don’t want anyone squinting. But I loved how the evening light was shining in over this dock and knew if they were looking at each other we could pull this off.

We even made the photographs without the local fisher people photobombing them. Score!

I love seeing couples with their arms wrapped around each other. Not in an obscene get-a-room kind of way. But in the I-know-you-are-my-safe-haven-and-will-love-me-in-spite-of-or-because-of-my-crazy kind of way. That solace is found in the other’s idiosyncracies and trust that the love they share is stronger than anything else they encounter.

I love when they get so lost in conversations with each other that they have no clue if I’m still making photographs or waiting on them so we can move to a new spot.

With their whole session being at Piedmont Park and not driving or walking to other Atlanta locations, we found so many great spots to include the Atlanta skyline in their engagement photographs.

Isn’t their puppy Rosie the cutest?

There was teasing throughout their session about this puppy.

I think Rosie was so worn out from the heat and all of the walking that she was content to plop down and stare at me or her people.

Ahem. I think there was troublemaking going on here.


Towards the end of my sessions, I like to ask my couples if there is anything else they would like to do or create together. I like keeping open communication with my people so they never feel like they can’t speak up and make it more of a collaboration or walk away wishing they had done something else. Nicole jumped for her phone and pulled up an inspiration board that we looked at together. She wanted more close-ups, so more close-ups we made!

This might be what the slap looked like after Ross proposed with a candy ring.

Before he pulled out the real ring and redeemed himself. After spending two hours together and seeing Ross’s dry sense of humor evidenced throughout the evening, I wasn’t surprised at all he initially pulled out a candy ring. Also. Have I mentioned before I like trouble makers? I think Nicole does, too. She did say, “Yes!”

Also. I loved Nicole’s dresses. She said she bought them at Nordstrom Rack. I think I need to go shopping. So I can occasionally look more girly.

Nicole + Ross. You two were a dream to work with on this sweltering southern evening. So was Rosie. And her pink bow.

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