Piedmont Park And Atlanta Botanical Gardens Engagement Session – Ana + John ENGAGED!

We had such a rainy December. It forced a few sessions to be rescheduled and this was one of them. We ended up having a warmer afternoon and NO rain!

John had never been to Piedmont Park before, although he has lived in Atlanta his whole life.

He wanted skyline photographs, so we made lots!

And while Ana is not fond of heights, she had no problem climbing up on stone pillars to stand in the skyline with her sweetheart.

I have never met a person who laughs as much as Ana. She had told me it was love at first sight when these two first met. After meeting her, I understood why. Her happiness is infectious to everyone around.

And by the way John looks at her, it’s obvious he knows he’s one of the luckiest men alive to have her.

This deck was filled with ducks when we first walked up. And then a little person chased them all off. We had to come back later to get ducks in the photographs. Because why not?

When we were headed over to restrooms so they could change outfits, I saw these gingko leaves on the ground and asked how they felt about lying down in the leaves. I was crossing my fingers. It had just rained the day before and I knew the ground might still be damp. But they said yes. Squee!!! I love it when the gingko leaves have turned golden and cover the ground like a gorgeous blanket!

Then they changed into new outfits and we went back to the dock. The ducks had returned.

And Ana had her hand ready for this photograph she knew she wanted us to make together.

Atlanta skyline!

And they’re just chillin up there. Cool as can be.

Ana had the cutest dresses! And I just loved John’s red jeans!

More heights. But Ana did awesome. And John held her hand the hold time. So sweet!

These two are such opposites. Ana was constantly laughing and smiling. And John was quiet and reserved.

He did occasionally step out from his quiet side. I love seeing people’s real smiles!

We had to walk fast to make the most of our time as the sun was setting behind the clouds and we were losing light quickly.

Can I tell you how much I love seeing couples who are opposites. The quiet acceptance John has gives me the feeling he is a strong rock who will be the stability in rough times. And Ana will be the one to make the most of them, finding the silver lining.

We waited awhile for a clear path so these two would be the only ones in the photographs. John walked while Ana danced circles around him and singing.

Have you ever been serenaded in public? John has. 🙂

Ana was able to crack John’s quiet exterior and get him laughing. It was awesome to see.

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