Lake Burton, GA Engagement Photography Session – Laura + Charlie – ENGAGED!

Right from the start, these two overwhelmed me with their kindness and hospitality. Even offering me a guest room up at Lake Burton because it was a bit of a drive from Atlanta.

We started on the upper level of Laura’s dad’s boathouse.

It was such a gorgeous afternoon. The weather was perfect!

I may or may not have gotten a little woozie hanging over the railing to make these photographs.

And then Laura’s folks took me out on their boat so I could make these photographs.

It’s very likely I was the bossiest and pickiest girl out on the lake that afternoon as I asked him to back up, pull forward, and inch a bit to the right in spite of the wind so we could be lined up perfectly in the center.

I so appreciate her dad’s unending patience at working with me and the impossible wind that kept blowing us around.

I came back up after they had changed outfits and got all three of their puppies looking at me. It’s amazing how some dogs perk up when you mention, “Treat!”

Then we all went out on the boat and they enjoyed a little wine from a local vineyard.

Riding fast over the lake was a little chilly, even in long sleeves.

They told ghost stories and how a local cemetery was dug up and moved in the 1920s to make way for Lake Burton.

Her folks routinely hear children playing on their lakehouse desk at night. When there is no one to be seen outside.

Apparently, these stories are fairly common for many of the residents around Lake Burton. I was fascinated!

We rode around the lake and they pointed out the homes of a famous country singer and a football coach.

I could see why the famous would choose to live on the lakefront up in the North Georgia mountains. It was absolutely beautiful on Lake Burton!

Laura + Charlie will be getting married next year on Lake Burton. I know it will be an amazing celebration of these two!

In spite of Laura’s dad’s home being named the Love Shack, he hid under a blanket with his sweetheart to avoid seeing Laura + Charlie smooch. They were all so fun!

Loved their reflections on the dashboard dials when the sun hit them just right!

We knew sunset was approaching and made our way over to a cove where we could see the sun go down.

It was rather quick and without fanfare. There were no clouds hovering over the mountains to reflect any pinks or golds.

It was bright. And then it wasn’t.

Then we headed back to the homefront. They changed outfits one last time. And we finished up on the boat docks.

I think 90% of their engagement session was spent on the water.

And it. was. awesome.

These two make an incredible couple.

Who live life to the fullest, enjoying time together outdoors.

Laura + Charlie? Making your engagement photographs was definitely a highlight of my year. You two are THE best!