Cha + Ryan – ENGAGED! – Taylor Brawner Park, Smyrna GA Engagement Photography Session

Right from the start, I knew I liked these two. We took a couple minutes to decompress from a start that was a few minutes late and ultimately did not affect our time together. We made a few photographs where we first met and started walking.

I was able to tease them a little and then stepped away to give these two some space. We joked about having Cha’s best friend or my assistant chase off the families that seemed to swoop into spots we were walking to…like this swing.

And that’s how our morning together went. We talked. We laughed. I came in close and made a few photographs before getting out of their space and allowing for private conversations.

I had fun getting to know Cha (pronounced Shay) and Ryan.

They have been together for years and have a sweet son (I met him at their ordering appointment and he is THE cutest!).

Cha had already booked the Taylor-Brawner House for their wedding in August 2016 and wanted to make their engagement photographs in the park surrounding this beautiful old southern home.

It was evident from the start that these two have known each other for years. There is a different comfort level that seems to come with time. A different feeling of peace that emanates. These two have it.

And with that comfort level, there might have been a penchant for causing trouble.

It was amazing to watch as Ryan would rile up Cha.

And then have her laughing in no time.

Rinse. And repeat. 🙂

The outdoor amphitheater was a neat area for having the Taylor-Brawner House in the background.

And just beyond the amphitheater was a walking trail and a little bridge. Which turned out to be a good spot for more trouble making.

Ryan was so quiet. I would not have have guessed him to be the instigator, but it seems it is how he shows his love and affection. Creating opportunities where he can then snuggle in close.

A fun game for these two, I think. The constant teasing and laughing.

See? Continual laughter. I loved it!

Cha had originally planned on wearing a red dress. She purchased it online and on the day it was supposed to be delivered before their engagement session, she received a notification that it was finally shipping out to her and would be delivered two days after their session. Red is her favorite color and she wanted to work it into photographs in some way, so she brought along this red blanket. (Cha, the blue in your dress was fabulous color for you!)

Aren’t they the cutest?

These people just make me happy. I look at their images and I can’t help but smile.

These next two photographs made it into their engagement book.

I loved this porch swing on the side of Fanny’s cabin and thought the light was awesome!

On the backside of the cabin were these neat steps.

Normally, I gravitate toward the photographs where there is a smile or laughter. But I love this one. I love Cha’s quiet stare. She looks so at peace and I love that.

I like to make a full circle with photographs in my sessions when I can. And so we finished right where we started in the gazebo.

Cha + Ryan are my people. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding next August at this fantastic location!