Atlanta Beltline Engagement Photographer – Rachel + Chris Are Engaged!

Sometimes your local dating pools are tainted. You know everyone in the pool. You’ve either dated them or a friend has and it’s. just. tainted.

Sometimes love is found in the middle of an out-of-state work conference when elbows bump. It leads to a date and then another. And in the middle of earning a PhD, you find yourself engaged and moving from Ohio to Georgia, transporting cats, buying a home, and planning a wedding.

Sometimes, it’s okay when the local dating pools are tainted and you find yourself in the middle of a love story better than you ever imagined.

Just like Rachel did when she met Chris.

Man kissing his fiance's neck in Atlanta beltline sculpture
Engaged couple holding hands while walking through the woods
Engaged couple resting heads on each other's shoulders and laughing hysterically
Couple hugging under beautiful golden tree
Engaged couple kissing in front of bicycle mural
Engaged couple pulling close and laughing at Old 4th Ward Park
Engaged couple touching foreheads and hugging at Old 4th Ward Park
Engaged couple kissing in front of Ponce City Market building

Rachel + Chris? I wish you all the best in your adventures together as married people!