Alexandra + Kevin Engagement Photography Session Lake Vogel In North GA Mountains

Kevin proposed to Alexandra on a vacation in Florida last August. He took his time, considering they started off as high school sweethearts. Or maybe, they didn’t start off as sweethearts. Alexandra said she used to rush out of her classes and down the hall to avoid Kevin. But his persistence paid off. Kevin now has the woman of his dreams.

While Kevin was raised in New York City and Alexandra grew up in New Jersey, they didn’t meet until they were in high school just North of Atlanta. At times, I could hear Kevin’s NYC accent. Alexandra has Peruvian roots and I enjoyed listening to her talk. I always love accents. It doesn’t matter from where they originate. If it’s another part of the states or halfway around the world. They always draw me in.

Their engagement session was filled with laughter.

And yet, there was this peace that surrounded them. In between all of the laughs. I got the sense these two know each other like soul mates who have already spent decades together.

We walked all around Vogel State Park. Down to the deck in front of the waterfall.

And back up, to continue our way around Lake Vogel. When I asked them if money were of no concern, how would they spend their days. What would they do? Alexandra said she would still be working in the spine clinic helping her patients. How fabulous that she is already doing what she loves! I loved hearing that. So many people seem to just go through the motions each week. To earn a paycheck to pay the bills. Living for the weekends. Yet she is already doing what she loves every day and finds it so rewarding to see results in helping others.

Seriously. How sweet are these two?!!

They are the epitome of love is patient and kind. They are in no rush.

Their wedding isn’t until 2016. Way to take your time planning and also tending to life goals along the way to ensure everything is in order. Just the way you want. You two have my utmost respect and admiration!

I am wishing you two nothing but the best in the coming year, Alexandra + Kevin. I can’t wait to put your book in your hands!