Favorite Wedding Day Moments – Stoicism And Jubilation

Wedding days have a way of wiping away the historically serious faces from some family portraits and replacing them with an uncontained joyfulness and jubilation.

Laughing bride with her father in front of Como Conservatory

Wedding days have a way of stripping away facades and bringing us to our most vulnerable selves as we begin a marriage. The seriousness is felt down to our bones as this forever covenant is made in front of those we love the most. We can try to put up a front. Put on a serious face. But love and joy are raw. And on wedding days, they cannot be contained.

See more of Kimber + Devlin’s gorgeous wedding in Saint Paul at the Como Conservatory. While there was the appropriate amount of seriousness, there was also a fabulous amount of joy. And mutual weirdness.

Come back next Friday as favorite wedding day moments continue in this summer series.