Favorite Wedding Day Moments – Anticipation

So many moments transpire in a wedding day. It’s a day that’s been in the making for months, and sometimes years. So many details being carefully planned.

And then it goes by in a blur.

The day is over before you know it and as you drive away, you’re wondering if you were able to hug everyone who came.

What will you remember from your wedding day?

Will you have photographs that show what it looked like?

Or in another ten or thirty years, will you have photographs to hold that bring you back to remembering EXACTLY what it felt like in that moment?

I hope you will.

I hope you will have hundreds of photographs to hold that fill your heart and make your soul sing with joy as you are pulled back into moments from your wedding day.

This particular moment from Kelly + Steve’s wedding at Primrose Cottage is one of my favorites from a wedding day. The moment right before the bride walks out towards her groom. My breath catches.

Even now. Over a year out from their wedding day. I look at this image and I stop breathing as I remember the anticipation of that moment.

I think everyone finds they stop breathing for a minute as they look to see a stunning bride beginning the walk towards the love of her life.
It will be the last time she walks anywhere without a wedding band on her ring finger.

This is just one of many of my favorite moments in a wedding day.

Join me next Friday when I share another.

And if you feel so compelled, head over to this facebook post and tell me about a favorite moment from your wedding day.
I’d love to know what that moment was and if you have a photograph that helps you remember what it felt like.