Chris And Joy Got Married {Acworth Georgia Outdoor Lake Wedding}

Although these two were high school sweethearts, it took a couple of decades for them to find each other again.

It seems fitting that they got married in the little chapel on the shore of Acworth Lake where they grew up. Hiking and exploring the surrounding woods in high school. And fishing for dinner just the week before their wedding day.

This day before Easter was a bit drizzly, breezy, and a bit chilly, but it didn’t dampen anyone’s mood as the pavilion was decorated for the luncheon following the ceremony.

I loved that Joy’s Dad married his daughter and Chris. He asked that 1. everyone turn off their cell phones (and when he pulled out his as an example, he realized he hadn’t turned it off yet), 2. that everyone keep their cameras in their bags because the ceremony was sacred and he wanted everyone fully present, and 3. to be filled with joy and a celebratory spirit for these two wonderful people as they exchanged vows. And then he said a prayer.

Chris and Joy were listening from a tiny back room in the chapel before they came out and walked down the aisle together.

Chris’s daughter and Joy’s daughter and son all poured sand into a new vessel before Chris and Joy did the same. Everyone had a different color of sand.

Joy’s son was so excited about his Mom and Chris being pronounced husband and wife. He could barely contain himself.

After the ceremony was over, the rain had disappeared for awhile. We made the most of it for a walk through the woods and a few portraits.

With all of our recent rains, the ground was soggy and Joy’s heels got dirty. Chris washed them off for her and then she stayed barefoot.

Once we finished with portraits, most everyone changed into warmer and more comfortable clothes for the luncheon. Cakes were set on stands, ribs were brought in and punch was made. And the ingredients tasted.

New symbols of marriage were shown off. Candles were lit. Toasts were made and glasses were raised.

And then bubbles were blown.

Goodbyes were said and more hugs given at the end of the luncheon.

Chris and Joy? I wish you all the best as you walk hand-in-hand on this new journey together. With or without Little Mermaid stickers on the soles of your feet.

I love that you found each other and reconnected after so many years. I love that you chose to keep things simple on your wedding day. And I was honored to be there to document it all for you.