Atlanta Wedding Photography In St. Louis Union Station

18th Apr, 2016Documentary Wedding Photography

Last month, I flew to St. Louis for a photography convention. I roomed with three friends. We were all on overload with all day classes, soaking in information and knowledge from industry experts. It’s a two day intensive boot camp of sorts mixed up with a kid in a candy store type field.

There were so many different speakers and instructors.World renowned. And they walked among us. In between classes and after hours, they were all easy to find and pick their brains. How do you do this? What do you do when this happens? They were all happy to share their own experiences and what did, or did not, work for them. It was fabulous.

And then there was the tradeshow floor filled with vendors showcasing their software, albums, product packaging, lenses, lights, and light shaping tools. I made more than one purchase. I can’t wait to put them all to good use!

The convention also had a Rent-a-Human program. Photographers could check out models for styled and concept shoots. Complete with fancy hair, makeup, and clothing/costumes. There was even an artist doing full body painting and transforming people into other worldly beings. It was incredible. I routinely saw a dozen different shoots in progress throughout Union Station if I turned in a circle or walked through a single hallway. As I was walking between classes, I happened to look down over a balcony and saw the couple above being photographed from the lobby level. Pretty eye catching, don’t you think?