Kimber + Devlin – MARRIED! {Como Conservatory, St. Paul MN Wedding}

The weather this week in August was a little weird. It had been in the 90s until the day I flew into Minneapolis several days before Kimber + Devlin’s wedding, at which point it dropped into the 60s. Rain clouded the forecast. For days on end. And then it miraculously shaped up, the temperatures climbed back up into a warmer, almost summery range. For Minnesota. And the chance of rain disappeared. We were left with overcast skies and an occasional breeze.

The ceremony would be small, with fewer than twenty people total standing in attendance. Kimber and Devlin each had one person standing up for them, so preparations before the ceremony were low key. Kimber’s and Ambyr’s make-up appointment ran a little long. I waited on Ambyr’s quiet neighborhood street for them to return so I could photograph Kimber’s dress, shoes, the rings, and make a few images of her getting dressed before I would drive across town for Devlin.

Kimber’s dressing space was Ambyr’s massive closet!

Devlin and his brother Ryan were already dressed when I arrived. They swapped out watches, tied the neckties, put on shoes, and were ready to go.

Devlin would be setting up multiple cameras in the sunken garden at Como Conservatory for video purposes and had a tripod with him walking out the door. As well as a cooler with drinks for anyone who arrived early for photographs prior to the ceremony.

I drove Devlin and Ryan to Como Conservatory and followed behind as they walked up to the gorgeous building.

We knocked out portraits on the grooms side before Kimber arrived. There may or may not have been shenanigans. I think Devlin’s hand may have gotten licked when he covered his niece’s face with his palm before her dad reached around to get her good.

Kimber arrived and we made a few portraits along the side of the conservatory before moving to the other side and collecting others. We were able to cross most of the portraits off of the list before the ceremony even started.

Kimber helped fasten Devlin’s boutonniere first.

There were more shenanigans during the ensuing portraits. Displays of mucles and a photobomb or two.

In spite of Kimber’s strong Norwegian roots, she and her dad struggled with holding a Norwegian smile on her wedding day.

We moved into the sunken garden so folks could get in place, as well as make sure cameras were all set up and focused in the right spots. And there were more shenanigans. Can you tell it was a fun day?

Kimber walked down to the jazzy swagger of “The Viper” by Paul Lennart and Billy Novick. Go ahead and click that Youtube link so you can start the music and then come back to this tab to look at more photographs.

Ambyr is holding all of the ribbons in the background for the knot tying ceremony. They had wonderful values written on them like harmony, love, and wisedom, among many others.

I love seeing the reactions of family when a loved one is getting married.

I was thrilled I could have a spot behind their officiant to be able to photograph Devlin + Kimber up close when they exchanged their vows. But also to be able to include their family in the photographs of this beautiful garden space, too.

Devlin forgot his paper with the vows he had written and read them from his cell phone to Kimber during the ceremony:

There are so many things I want to be to you,
and while I might not always succeed
I will strive to be your:
Conspirator and accomplice
Greatest supporter and tireless sounding board
And most of all your faithful partner
And lastly, I promise to never be normal
I love you, now and forever

Kimber had her vows tucked away in a safe spot.

 My understanding of family is that it is built not only inherited.  Today I choose you to be my family.
I don’t have much practice following my heart but it chooses you.  It trusts you.
Today I promise to trust you when my logic and reason doesn’t understand.  I’ll follow you as I follow my heart.
I promise to be me and not pretend to be who I think you want or who I think I should be.
I promise to give you support whether its a silent hug or holding the other end of the 2×4.
I promise to look for the ways I love you as we age and change.
I promise to see you as you are and help you with your goals.
To me, this is love.  And I promise to love you for all my days.

The rings. They were tight. They might have needed extra pushing and twisting to go all the way on each of their fingers.

It’s almost real! I love that moment of anticipation. Waiting to be pronounced married people.

And then, they’re married people. They can kiss. And smile. And exhale. And hold hands.

They walked out of the garden to the theme song of the Greatest American Hero by Joey Scarbury. I’ll wait while you click the link and get that music started before you come back here to see the rest of their photographs from Como Conservatory.

They walked out together and then their family came through to congratulate the two newlyweds. With tight rings. The humidity wasn’t helping anyone.

The marriage license got signed on each other’s backs. One name might have had to be crossed out and signed with a new last name.

We made a few more portraits in this wonderful location before heading off for their reception.

Click here to see the Kimber + Devlin’s wedding reception at the Happy Gnome in Saint Paul.