Tate House Wedding Bridal Suite With Katie Elle Salon

It’s been too long since I have had the pleasure of working with Katie Elle Salon. I was pumped when Katie reached out and asked if I would be able to work with her for this bridal shoot she envisioned at the Tate House‘s newly opened bridal suite. I arrived early at the salon to see Katie creating beautiful hair and makeup.

I love how focused Katie is as she works to create outstanding hairstyles and fancy up-dos.

I was fascinated with the whole process that went into creating such volume and was thrilled I could ask questions throughout about the hows and whys, since this was a stylized shoot and we were partners rather than vendors for clients.

Katie twisted and curled and pinned and unpinned, working with Heather’s hair to find the perfect style.

Once Heather’s hair was finished, Katie applied her makeup.

Then Heather put on the wedding dress and we drove to the Tate House together while Katie finished up hair and makeup for our bridesmaids and flower girl with Lanie at the salon.

When we arrived, we were met by Chris Henderson and a locked bridal suite. Chris found the office and the lovely woman who would unlock the bridal suite for us to get out of the heat and into air conditioning.

Chris and I took turns posing Heather and making photographs. I also enjoyed having the opportunity to step out of the lead spot and shoot from the side.

Chris is accustomed to working in lower light rooms and searching out light. It was fun watching him work, as well as stretching my comfort zone and working more in the dark.

We moved around the room. From window to day bed. To ottoman and back to the edge of the bed. Taking turns and talking Heather through different looks. She was so good!

And when I wasn’t working directly with Heather, I was looking for alternative angles and perspectives. Like this mirror on the armoire.

And closer in.

This was the makeup area in the main room downstairs with several sets of big arched mirrors and little lights.

We made a few more in the peaceful dressing room with the daybed before heading out onto the Tate House grounds.

It wasn’t as hot as we had expected. But it was still pretty sweltering.

It wasn’t long before our bridesmaids and flower girl arrived and we could make group photographs.

They were all so sweet.

The dressing room in the Tate House’s bridal suite was spacious and uncluttered.

The entry way in the bridal suite had fabulous light and a little sofa with Mr. and Mrs. cushions.

Perfect for a few portraits before returning outside in the heat of the afternoon.

If you look past this moment of laughter, you might notice two stunning hairstyles on these beautiful young women. Well done, Katie!

This doorway in the Tate House bridal suite was perfect!

Zomigosh. The front of this old southern mansion and the local pink marble is so magnificent.

These two are sisters. And while it may appear the older has tanlines, they are the hard earned marks of an athlete and tennis player. If you’ve been with me for awhile, you may have picked up on the fact that I love tennis and athletes.

Oh heavenly hair. These two had so. much. hair. It took hours to achieve these styles as a result. So beautiful!

Thank you, Katie! I loved working with you again and think it’s fabulous you are one of the preferred vendors for the Tate House!!