HeroBox At Home Depot Foundation Packing Event

HeroBox.org had several events at the Home Depot Headquarters at the beginning of December, partnering with the Home Depot Foundation.  They worked together to not only send wonderful supplies overseas to our soldiers, but also to help the homeless here in Atlanta.

 So many people came together on this morning to unpack dozens of pallets of donated supplies from a huge semi-tractor trailer truck.  An assembly line was prepared, down to the last set of paired tables with packing tape to wrap up the boxes.

  There were 2500 boxes assembled and ready to be packed.  Twenty.  Five.  Hundred.

 So much work went into getting everything set up and ready for when Home Depot employees started coming through on their lunch hour to fill these boxes.

 Watching pallet after pallet be pulled in, dropped and unpacked was amazing.  So many donated products to make our soldiers feel a little extra appreciation during this holiday season.

 The names of Army commanders were already taped to the bottoms of these boxes.

 Once the pallets were restacked with full boxes, they were wrapped in plastic to keep them from toppling over in the shipping process.

 These two guys got the last of the 2500 boxes to pack.

 Thank you HeroBox.org for all that you do for our troops.  Your organization is so wonderful!