Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes outtakes. You can't take anything too seriously.

Pear Tree Photography Atlanta clients are their own brand of fun and magic behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes images from Johnson Ferry Baptist Church to Turner Field to the Atlanta Country Club, there's always some sort of fun or shenanigans going down with Pear Tree Photography Atlanta.These photographs give just a glimpse into how less than extraordinary spaces (like behind a shopping center with nothing but painted cinder block walls and stacks of pallets) and incredible venues can all make for memorable experiences.

Whether it's wedding days, family portrait sessions, or in the midst of professional headshots...there should always be some fun sprinkled in.

Work shouldn't be drudgery.

And neither should being photographed feel like drudgery. When Kelley left corporate America, she not only wanted to feel like she was making a difference in other peoples' lives. She wanted to know that each time working with clients would be enjoyable and memorable.

Otherwise, what's the point? Why own a photography business if it was going to be as mundane as corporate? Which brings us back to the people. It is always the people who make this business so incredibly wonderful. It's the people who are unique and witty and unexpectedly delightful. Every time.

Also, if you're looking too serious and need to lighten up, you'll definitely be told something that will get your attention and make you laugh. Because you, too, need a little unexpected fun thrown into your day.

There's a good story to be told

And oftentimes, the good stories I am told are not mine to turn around and share. Which is fine. I feel so privileged to be entrusted with what I'm told behind the scenes. The time together to make photographs is just an added bonus.