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How long has it been since you had photographs made of you with your sweetheart? Was it at your wedding? Over a decade ago? Never? It’s time to change that, yes?

Yes. Let’s change that. Let’s schedule a time to meet up and make dozens of photographs of the two of you. Not some cheesy photographs of you standing almost shoulder to shoulder with your hand over his heart. Because that’s not you, right? You want photographs that show you. Being you. Not in some awkward pose.

The two of you already love each other. You know how to have fun together and make the other laugh. Let’s celebrate that. Your ability to make the other laugh. Or blush. Or stand humbled before the one you love most, as you contemplate how he chose you.

Whether you have been through decades of challenges, joyous occasions and the every day inanities of life, or you’re just starting out on this journey together, you should have photographs of the two of you. For now. And, for when you’re old and wrinkled.

Photographs that capture how you hold hands together, just walking through a park. Or how the sun glistens on your hair and your eyes light up at the start of a laugh as your man just surprised you again with a private whisper in your ear. Photographs that remind you of the love you share. That not only show you at your best, but focus on what you love most about each other.

The smile that plays on his lips as he watches you. How he gently pulls the hair out of your face to place behind your ear. The way you lean into each other for comfort with the healing and comfort of knowing there is no one else you would rather have by your side. Because he gets you. The good and the not-so-good. And yet, he loves you anyway.

Don’t you want an album filled with photographs of the two of you that reminds you of just how fabulous you are together? That you’re better as partners, hand-in-hand, taking on this journey of life. That will remind you over and again that in love, anything is possible.

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