LGBTQ Wedding Photography

This fact we hold true and sacred. Love is love.

Did you think this day would never be possible in your lifetime? It makes planning this extraordinary day even more pivotal, doesn’t it? To finally set a date when you can place a ring on your best friend’s hand, exchange vows in front of the people who love you most, and have it be legally recognized by your state as a marriage. This is long overdue and absolutely phenomenal.

This day will be so filled with love in tender looks, heartfelt sighs, and private hand squeezes. That’s what you will want photographed to remember, yes? Every moment of fabulousness that will pass way too quickly, but you won’t want to ever forget. That you’ll want to hold onto for the rest of your life because the emotions and love you will feel throughout your wedding day are so overwhelmingly wonderful. And longed for, for far too long.

Whether the two of you will be helping each other get ready or dressing separately and planning not to see each other until the ceremony, every bit of your wedding day should be documented. This isn’t a day you will ever want to forget because it will be uniquely yours.

Every detail and moment should be photographed for you to hold later in your hands. These are memories worth keeping and looking back on. You deserve to have wonderful photographs to spark your memories of exactly how you felt and the love you shared throughout your entire wedding day.

I’m so happy you’re here and I’m excited that you’re planning your wedding! I am passionate about photographing love. And weddings. Yours will be absolutely amazing and I would LOVE to document it for you!

Photographing the love that two people share and then being able to hand those memories and photographs back to you is what makes my heart sing, knowing that your appreciation for this day runs deeper than most. Especially on a day that you never thought was possible, before our laws changed to allow same sex marriages. For the better. Finally.

Two grooms standing close and smiling in front of Delta jets at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport "The google search that led us to you was one of the most serendipitous of our lives! Your mastery of your craft is rivaled only by the beauty of your soul and the kindness of your spirit. We adore you and every moment you captured of our big day! ⭕️"

- David + Jimmy

“Kelley - you are amazing! Everyone should know that you and your beautiful family rearranged your vacation to allow you to come and shoot our wedding. Not only do we think your photographs are amazing - capturing those fleeting emotional moments of the heart and soul of your subjects - but also an amazing person. We are honored to have you as a friend, a client, and “our” photographer. We couldn’t be happier!”

- Matt + Mike

David + Jimmy

Matt + Mike

Video - Matt + Mike

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