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Are your children growing too fast? It seems like just yesterday, they were babies crawling around your kitchen and pulling pots out of the low cabinets. But now they’re running around almost faster than you can keep up. Almost.

Has it been too long since you had family portraits created? It’s probably time to schedule a family photography session to capture the delighted shrieks of your three year old when Daddy tickles her when she’s least expecting it. Or to get the shy grin of your seven year, which he tries to keep to himself now because he thinks he might be too old for such silliness.

Are you wanting to lose that last ten pounds of baby weight before getting in front of a camera? I can appreciate that as a fellow mom and I know so many others like us feel the same way. But what I have found, is that the moms who have photographs of themselves with their families absolutely love looking back on the laughter and love shared with their children. They’re glad they have albums to flip through to see mostly photographs of their children, but also images of their entire family.

Don’t worry, whatever phase your family is in, it is one you will want to remember. One which you will look back on and think, “Wow! I looked so great! And young.”  And that your doubts about your appearance were so unfounded.

We’re a little hard on ourselves, aren’t we ladies? But no matter what we look like (bed head, no makeup, or an extra ten pounds), our children adore us for who we are to them. They don’t see all these flaws. They just know we are their everything. And we know that that feeling probably won’t last into their teenage years, based on what our friends with older kids tell us.

After I photograph your family, you will have beautiful images to display on your walls. Maybe even get a 16x20 canvas of each child to hang over his or her bed. Kids LOVE seeing themselves. When they see photographs of themselves in your home, they know how much you love and value them.

Or having a book with so many of your photographs to page through with your daughter and talk about all of the fun you had on this morning together. And the fun times ahead. A book that will become a family heirloom to be passed down to your grandchildren.

Three generations of a family sitting together with Grandma holding the newest member “Kelley was amazing! Not only was she very personable, she was very professional. She took pictures of our combined families (8 plus a newborn) and they were amazing ... Working with that many people plus a newborn was probably challenging; However, she made this experience very memorable and you can tell by the pictures that she took. I now have a beautiful Portrait of my family and a Photo Album with many beautiful pictures. Thanks so much Kelley ... We all really appreciate you!” 
- Donna Justice

Happy parents sitting with their teenagers on boulder in woods

"I hired Kelley to do a photoshoot with my kids to surprise my wife for Mother's Day. They were completely at ease and had a great time with Kelley. Needless to say, this comfort level came through in the photographs, which simply blew me and my wife away. Only problem is, I am going to have to up the ante next Mother's Day, but am confident that it can be done with Pear Tree Photography in my corner. Thanks, Kelley!"

- Bruce Derenthal

Smiling parents with three happy kids sitting on Minneapolis patio "Kelley has photographed our family for the past few years. We feel so lucky to have found her and cherish the memories she has created of our kids as they grow ever larger. Every photograph we display reminds us of a fun time we spent together with her, rather than a stressful afternoon in a portrait studio. I love the personal attention she provides with bringing the slideshow of the images to our home (or once to my work so I could look while on a lunch break!) and helping us select."
- Kat Jayne

Goofy little girl making faces while her parents laugh "We love Kelley and the wonderful photographs she takes. I'm so grateful that she captured so many wonderful memories on our outing to Sope Creek! I appreciated that she already had some locations in mind, but that she also took some candid shots of us as we were walking around. Our four-year-old daughter was thrilled to go on an adventure through the woods, and Kelley worked hard to make sure she felt happy and special the entire time. The beautiful photo we have on our mantle is a wonderful reminder of that special day! Thanks, Kelley, for capturing so many beautiful shots of our family!"

-Brittany Becklean