Wedding Photography for Humans Who Love Each Other

Documentary. LGBTQ. Destination. The start of your marriage. Not a Pinterest recreation.

Wedding days are special. They're sacred in that a marriage begins and commitments are made and your loved ones are there to see it all and celebrate with you. There are no Do Overs and requests for, "Oh hey! Can you do that First Kiss again?"

Wedding photography may not seem like much at first blush. It's just a gal holding a heavy black box with a lens and pushing a button. It's just taking pics, right?

But here's the thing. It's so much more. It's anticipating every moment that's coming next. And being ready to capture it. It's talking with you numerous times before your wedding day and planning. It's communicating with other vendors to make sure nothing is missed.

It's getting allllll up in your space to make sure I get your emotions so that a month later when I return your wedding day, you're not looking at pics. You're holding images that are filled with emotion to the point you remember exactly what you were feeling in that moment.

It's about having your absolute trust in knowing I will document your day how you want to remember it. Now. And dozens of years from now. So that on your wedding day, when everything is coming together after months and months of planning, I'm the one thing you don't have to worry about. Because you know I'll be in all the right spots. At the right time.

Planning a wedding is daunting. So much goes into it. Most people haven't done it before. You hear nightmare stories about DJs getting the first dances wrong, a photographer not showing up, an obnoxious videographer who blocked the view of every guest during the ceremony. You read The Knot and get quality advice and crappy advice. But you don't really know which is which.

Everyone has different priorities, values, and budgets. Some girls need a Kate Spade bag while others are perfectly content with a Tarjay purse. Some guys prefer adventures around the world over the NFL Sunday Ticket. And some couples are ok with snapshots of what happened while others know they can't chance having moments missed on their wedding day.

I'm not here to judge. There's someone for everyone. In love. And in photography.

I love discovering what makes us alike. And what makes us different. I love that my couples are all so incredibly different. Which is why the wedding days I share all look so different. They're in different locations around Atlanta and stretch from Minneapolis all the way down to the Dominican Republic. Some are outside on the beach or in backyard gardens while others are inside dark barns or even darker Catholic churches. I don't have the need to make my people fit into a certain box or make their wedding days look the same through Photoshop actions or working in the same venue over and over.

My burning desire is that every couple has photographs they love from their wedding day. Because I know exactly how it feels to have just two images from my wedding day that I love. And the others are all just meh.

Wedding day photography coverage is customized to your needs + desires. Because no two couples are alike.

So start a conversation and let's see where it goes. I love answering questions, learning what has you excited most about your wedding day, and figuring out if we're a good fit for each other.

Bride kicking her heel up and smiling in sunglasses while standing next to her husband in front of Stone Mountain golf course

"As a fellow photographer I asked Kelley to photograph our wedding knowing I would have nothing to worry about and I was right. Kelley is amazing! Our pictures are breath-taking! She is so easy to work with and I was touched by how much she cared and her attention to everything, big and small. She has provided me with cherished images I will adore forever!"

-Traci + Jim


Bride + Groom embracing on Mountain Park bridge in Roswell"Kelley is amazing! She photographed our wedding, and we couldn't be happier with the result. We decided not to cheap out on wedding photography and boy am I glad we found Kelley. She is a very sweet person, and a seasoned professional. Her photos are beautiful and she can capture whatever you want to remember from your big day. She even hand delivered my wedding photos 500 miles from home and did a follow-up photo shoot!"
-Katy + Nick

"Words cannot fully express the amount of gratitude and awe I have for the way that Kelley captured our wedding day. When we met for her to "give us back our day", as she likes to call it, I cried happy tears numerous times. She isn't just any other photographer, she gives you her heart and soul in her commitment to document your special day or family memories. When we met Kelley we met more than a vendor we met a friend who is has become very dear to our hearts. If you are lucky enough for her to share her talent with you do not hesitate to book her as quickly as you can, you will not regret it. I cannot wait for her to help us capture so many more important memories in our life together."
- Shanna + Andy

Smiling pregnant bride walking through downtown Marietta square with her husband and both wearing sunglasses"I met Kelley through my best friend for her wedding so when I came time to find a photographer for my wedding I knew I would call Kelley ASAP. I am 7 months pregnant and made me look like a badass mama in all my wedding shots! She captured exactly what I wanted. Her attention to detail is amazing. She listened and she delivered! I HIGHLY recommend her!"

- Charlotte + Andrew


Bride + Groom kissing with Atlanta Fox Theater in background and as car stops to watch

"The BEST experience one could ever ask for! I don't know where to begin with all the positive and amazing things we have to say about Kelley. It's obvious that this is a huge passion of hers and it's evident in her work and dedication. Her photographs of our engagement brought me to tears and I can't wait for our wedding day. I was very nervous for our photo session, but within minutes, Kelley had us laughing and feeling at ease. Her photographs aren't just pictures, but a story of special moments that take place. She is truly a wonderful person and amazing photographer!"

- Liz + Jason


Bride + Groom on tennis court laughing as dozens of tennis balls come at them "I believe a personal relationship is very important with the client and photographer. We had that with Kelley. We hit it off from the second we met her and knew she was the one. The journey through the whole process was made painless by her. I have never actually looked forward to getting my picture taken until then. The work that she puts into everything shows and pays off big in the end."

- Alicia + Jonathan


Happy married couple standing and laughing on Lake Acworth dock "I can not believe the wonderful album I have from my wedding, and it is all because of Kelley. Not only did she take the most amazing pictures (and really captured the spirit of the day, and the personalities of my crazy family) but she went above and beyond putting together a slideshow/movie. We had computer issues on my end and she kept working and working to make sure I was able to get all that I wanted from the wonderful shots she made. I can not thank her enough for making the whole process so easy on me. And for capturing the memories of the day so perfectly. THANK YOU KELLEY, and Pear Tree Photography!"

- Joy + Chris


Inter-racial newlywed couple standing in front of Urban Tree Cidery. "Kelley is truly an amazing photographer. She photographed our wedding day, and captured both our ceremony in Macon and our reception in Midtown Atlanta. I was so worried about getting my picture take all day. Even when Kelley said her job was to make sure I didn't even know she was there, I didn't believe her! But, being as professional as she is, she was totally right! She captured so many wonderful moments and never added to the stress of the day. The hardest part about the package she delivers is choosing which pictures to print and frame.
Kelly will be our family photographer going forward as I can't imagine working with anyone else."

- Todd + Gara


Lauren + Brandon

Andy + Charlotte

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